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Violet Henderson

How Do People Living Next to Illegal Dump Sites in Oakland Cope with the Psychological and Physical Consequences of Everyday Life?

Social Science

Seung Won Lee

Genetic Modulation of Two Phosphatases, Ptpn6 and Ptpn22, to Examine their Role in NK Cell Desensitization


Profile image of Hector Lopez-OrozcoProfile image of Hector Lopez-Orozco

Hector Lopez-Orozco

The Role of Mannan Associated Serine Protease (MASP-1) in Immune Recognition of Human Cytomegalovirus (HCMV)


Jonah Lounds

Clothing for a Crocodile: the Humanization of Nature in Post-Stalinist Children’s Medias


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Jae Manion

The Doom of Zoom? Changes in Educational Accessibility for Students with Disabilities Due to the Shift to Remote and Zoom Learning in the Times of Covid-19 and How Female and Male Disabled Students are Affected Differently

Social Science

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Richard Ruan

Identifying Host Factors Critical for Dengue Virus NS1 Internalization and Pathogenesis


Johnny Smith

Tough On Rehabilitation and (Re)integration: An Investigation of Hegemonic ‘Tough on Crime’ Ideologies in the Post-Release Supervision Sector

Social Science

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Sera Smith

Rearticulated Healing Experiences in the Adaptation of "for colored girls who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is enuf"