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2011-2012 All Scholars

Profile image of Samantha AlfordProfile image of Samantha Alford

Samantha Alford

Religious Hierarchy in Ancient Mycenae: A Contextual Analysis of Figurine Production at Petsas House


Profile image of Clarissa ArafilesProfile image of Clarissa Arafiles

Clarissa Arafiles

Reporters and Reforged Identities: Negotiating Narratives of Violence through the Journalistic Enterprise


Profile image of Jenna CavelleProfile image of Jenna Cavelle

Jenna Cavelle

A Political Ecology of the Citarum River: Exploring Human Dimensions of Water Pollution in Peri-urban Bandung, Indonesia

Social Science

Profile image of Katya CherukumilliProfile image of Katya Cherukumilli

Katya Cherukumilli

Investigating Ecosystem Responses to Manipulated Climate Conditions at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory


Michal Karmi

In the Path of the Three Sisters: A Future Plant-Based Food System for Ireland and Israel


Profile image of Novalia PisheshaProfile image of Novalia Pishesha

Novalia Pishesha

Differential Gene Expression in Old and Young Mice: Bridging Immune System and Muscle Regeneration


Profile image of Joseph RootProfile image of Joseph Root

Joseph Root

When Hot Money Turns Cold: An Empirical Analysis of the Determinants of Bond Spreads in the Euro-Area

Social Science