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2016-2017 All Scholars

Profile image of Helia BidadProfile image of Helia Bidad

Helia Bidad

Shifting Traditions: Perspectives of Saffron Farmers in the Khorasan Province of Iran on Climate Change and Technological Development

Social Science

Profile image of Victor ChenProfile image of Victor Chen

Victor Chen

Metabolite Production by Interspecies Interactions in Actinomycetes and Root Nodule Bacteria


Profile image of Olivia GravesProfile image of Olivia Graves

Olivia Graves

Decoding the Fah Flor: Archeological Discovery and the De-Mystification of a Lost Metaphor in Beowufl


Profile image of Danny LeeProfile image of Danny Lee

Danny Lee

ATP Release by Gram-Negative Bacteria and its Role in Cell Wall Remodeling


Profile image of Julian PonceProfile image of Julian Ponce

Julian Ponce

Consumption and Perception of Sugar Sweetened Beverages and Tap Water Among Latinos/as in Kings County

Social Science

Profile image of Itago WinnieProfile image of Itago Winnie

Itago Winnie

Divergent Policies, Divergent Trajectories? The Impact of Established Political Systems on Oil and Gas Institutions in Ghana and Uganda

Social Science