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1999-2000 All Scholars

Profile image of Peter B. BrownellProfile image of Peter B. Brownell

Peter B. Brownell

Double Crossing: The Impact of Immigration and Welfare Reform on Migration Between Mexico and the United States


Profile image of Marisa M. JahnProfile image of Marisa M. Jahn

Marisa M. Jahn

Reveries in Lots: An Interpretive History of Social and Topographical Change in San Francisco's China Basin/Mission Rock District


Profile image of Anita LeeProfile image of Anita Lee

Anita Lee

Elucidating the Major Environmental Factors for the Enhancement of Selenium Volatilization from the Soil-Salicornia System


Profile image of Ki Won YoonProfile image of Ki Won Yoon

Ki Won Yoon

Earth-based Detection of CMBR Polarization: Data Analysis and Control Software Development