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Profile image of Dane AndersonProfile image of Dane Anderson

Dane Anderson

From Enlightenment to Romance: Adam Fergusons Philosophy of History in Scottish Romantic Literature


Profile image of Zoe HsiaoProfile image of Zoe Hsiao

Zoe Hsiao

The Role of Human Complement Factor H and its Interaction with Human Cytomegalovirus


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Do Khym

Fried Chicken Under the Southern Cross: The Only Surviving Confederate Exile Colony in Americana, Brazil

Social Science

Profile image of Michael PapiasProfile image of Michael Papias

Michael Papias

Why do you live with your tia/aunt?: Making Sense of Cultural and Family Identities as a Latinx Foster Youth

Social Science

Profile image of Arina StadnykProfile image of Arina Stadnyk

Arina Stadnyk

Dancing Girls: Margaret Atwoods Gothic and Ecofeminist Dialogic Through Landscapes and Shadow Selves


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Duncan Wanless

Becoming the First Free Town in the Americas: Mobilizing Afro-Mexican Memory, Performance, and Local History in Yanga, Veracruz, 1932-1990

Social Science

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Emma Yataco

Faith and Apostasy: A Comparative Study of Conversion and De-Conversion to The Church of Latter-Day Saints and Jehovah's Witnesses

Social Science