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2000-2001 All Scholars

Profile image of Paul AparicioProfile image of Paul Aparicio

Paul Aparicio

Does the Cerebellum Contribute to the Synchronization of Information Processing: An Experimental Investigation of Current Theories on Schizophrenia

Social Science

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Leena Her

Ethnographic Investigation into the Factors Contributing to Variation of Academic Achievement Among Hmong Students in a Central Valley High School


Profile image of Umair KhanProfile image of Umair Khan

Umair Khan

Effects of C5 Protein on Interactions between RNase P Ribozyme and a Model mRNA Substrate


Profile image of Paul SagerProfile image of Paul Sager

Paul Sager

Heroes or Traitors: The Twisted History of a French Newspaper in the German Occupation and After

Social Science

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Marc Wolf

No One Belongs Here More Than You: Creating an Image of Israel for Tourists and Pilgrims