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2018-2019 All Scholars

Profile image of Caleb ChoyProfile image of Caleb Choy

Caleb Choy

The Effect of CD44 and Src Kinases on the Aggressive Motility Present in Glioblastoma


Profile image of Jasmine JanProfile image of Jasmine Jan

Jasmine Jan

Solution Processable Point-of-care Optoelectronic Device for Procalcitonin Sensing


Profile image of Caolan JohnProfile image of Caolan John

Caolan John

Investigating Magnetic Order in Metal Selenophosphates FePSe3 and NiPSe3


Profile image of Andre LaiProfile image of Andre Lai

Andre Lai

A High-Throughput Microfluidic Device for Single Cell Isolation and Analysis


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Lulu Matute

Berta Vive: A Look at the Engagement of California Hondureas in the Politics of Slain Environmental Activist Berta Caceres

Social Science