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Keng Lam

Early ART or PrEP? A Comparative Analysis of Effectiveness and Cost of HIV Prevention through Antiretroviral Drugs


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Kristine Lawson

Mic Check! (Mic Check): Tracking the Circulation and Recirculation of Protest Folklore on the U.C. Berkeley Campus (Tracking the Circulation and Recirculation of)

Social Science

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Jessica Lopez

Closed Mouths Don't Get Fed:" (Re) becoming a rehabilitated parent in Court Mandated Parenting Classes


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Alana Mailes

Tracing the Influence of Giulio Caccini's 'Le nuove musiche' on Seventeenth-Century English Composers


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Humberto Ortiz

I'm Expected to get Married for Papers: Latino/a Undocumented Young Adults and their Navigations of Intimate Relationships

Social Science

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Barira Rashid

The Untold Narrative of Political Graffiti and Street Art in the ongoing Egyptian Revolution


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Kimberly Salyers

Illuminating Social Landscapes: unearthing life of the Mayan non-elite through household excavation and catchment analysis

Social Science

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Alice Yeh

Re-Living Latin: Understanding the Interaction between Method, Material, and Meaning