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Profile image of Simone MatecnaProfile image of Simone Matecna

Simone Matecna

Financial Constraints on Student Learning: An Analysis of How Financial Stress Influences Perception and Cognitive Function in Children

Social Science

Profile image of Daniel QuintanaProfile image of Daniel Quintana

Daniel Quintana

Contribution of Vasointestinal Peptide Interneurons to Visual Size and Contrast Perception


Profile image of Youn-Ju SuhProfile image of Youn-Ju Suh

Youn-Ju Suh

How English Literature Filtered through the Empire of Japan Influenced the Formation of Modern Korean Literature in the 1930s


Profile image of Jehan YangProfile image of Jehan Yang

Jehan Yang

Highly-Biomimetic Mechanical Hand for Robotics and Prostheses: Utilizing Artificial Muscles with Precise Controls Integration


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Xinyi Zhang

Enhancing the Resolution of RNA-Sequencing to Investigate the Propagation of Parkinsons Disease