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Haas Scholars

2008-2009 All Scholars

Profile image of Sina AkhavanProfile image of Sina Akhavan

Sina Akhavan

Curses, Invocations? An Investigation into the Medical Ethnobotany of the Kosovo Roma


Profile image of Sonia FleuryProfile image of Sonia Fleury

Sonia Fleury

Painting the Present as History: Gustave Courbet's Burial at Ornans and the Revolution of 1848


Profile image of Jessica MerizanProfile image of Jessica Merizan

Jessica Merizan

Families and Frontier Boys: An Archaeology of Consumerism and Identity Construction in a mid-20th Century California Community

Social Science

Profile image of Lijia XieProfile image of Lijia Xie

Lijia Xie

Beyond Holding Up the Sky: Beijing Women in the Era of the Olympic Games