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2010-2011 All Scholars

Profile image of Elton ChanProfile image of Elton Chan

Elton Chan

Elucidating Mechanisms of Fine Genetic Control by a sRNA in Pathogenic Bacterium Salmonella typhimurium


Profile image of Susan ChenProfile image of Susan Chen

Susan Chen

Exploring the Mechanism of Protein Scaffolding Toward Improved Metabolic Flux


Margaux Fitoussi

A Specter Haunting South Africa': Cuba's Symbolic Importance in the South African Anti-Apartheid Struggle, 1975-1991


Profile image of Sonia GomezProfile image of Sonia Gomez

Sonia Gomez

The Loneliest Brides in America: Japanese War Brides and African American Servicemen After WWII


Profile image of Mio KitayamaProfile image of Mio Kitayama

Mio Kitayama

Modeling the Impact of Variations in Land Use on Carbon Sequestration Service of Atlantic Forest in São Paulo State, Brazil


Profile image of Jason RossProfile image of Jason Ross

Jason Ross

Specific Heat Measurements of Silicon Nanowires for Improved Thermoelectrics


Profile image of Yu-Dong SunProfile image of Yu-Dong Sun

Yu-Dong Sun

Construction of a Novel, Cryogen-free, Self-contained Dilution Refrigerator