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2009-2010 All Scholars

Profile image of Chang CaiProfile image of Chang Cai

Chang Cai

World War II War Crimes Trials Against Japanese War Criminals Conducted by the Chinese Nationalists from 1946 to 1949


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Thomas Carey

Nor Meekly Serve My Time': Irish Political Prisoners and the Struggle for Legitimacy within the Penal Systems of the United Kingdom and Ireland, 1916-1946


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Lauren Crow

(De)Formation of Body Protocols: Dance's Changing Ontology in the Choreography of Meg Stuart and Sasha Waltz


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Shawna Gubera

Lyric in Public: Exploring Lyric Subjectivity and the Outdoor Advertisement Through Ekphrastic Poetry


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Marissa Herrman

The Role of Cellular MicroRNAs in CMV Infection: Identification of MicroRNA Targets and Downstream Effects Using SILAC and Mass Spectrometry


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Hillary Langberg

A 'Supreme Goddess' in the Making: The Evolution of Tara in Indian Buddhist Sculpture, ca. 5-8th centuries CE


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Nathan Menard

Hidden but Not Forgotten: The Potential of Raising the Life-Chances of Environmental Refugee Women through Grassroots Non-Governmental Organizations

Social Science

Profile image of Hakeem NaimProfile image of Hakeem Naim

Hakeem Naim

The Ottoman Empire's Religious and Political Relationship with Afghanistan during the Early 20th Century


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James Suchy

Dispersal Behavior of the Bed Bug Cimex lectularus to Control-Related Exposures


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Marie Thuillier

Social Perceptions and Attitudes about the Revitalization of Cauchois, a Dialect Spoken in Seine-Maritime (Haute-Normandie, France)