Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Haas Scholars

2002-2003 All Scholars

Profile image of Benjamin GoldsteinProfile image of Benjamin Goldstein

Benjamin Goldstein

International Standards for Grassroots Democracy? A Case Study of a Guatemalan Fair Trade Coffee Cooperative.


Profile image of Saori HaigoProfile image of Saori Haigo

Saori Haigo

An Analysis of Candidate Genes Involved in Neural Tube Closure during Xenopus Development


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Cynthia Houng

Constructing Nature: Cultural Constructions of Nature and the Creation of the San Francisco Bay Area Landscape, c. 1940-1980

Social Science

Martín Olea

The Illusion of Inclusion: A Proposal to Investigate How Citizenships and Legal Status Shape Community Perspectives on Prison Complexes within a Small California Town


Profile image of Jennifer TooleProfile image of Jennifer Toole

Jennifer Toole

Three Selves: Sexuality, Self-Censorship, and Self-Publication in the works of Virginia Woolf and Gertrude Stein