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Jae Manion Social Science

The Doom of Zoom? Changes in Educational Accessibility for Students with Disabilities Due to the Shift to Remote and Zoom Learning in the Times of Covid-19 and How Female and Male Disabled Students are Affected Differently

Jae’s project will study how the shift to home and Zoom learning affected educational accessibility for UC Berkeley students with disabilities. She seeks to pinpoint some ways that the intersectionality of womanhood and disability has made this shift different for female-identifying students with disabilities. Jae will also focus on the differing experiences of students with disabilities of the body and those with disabilities of the mind. Jae will  conduct two quality of life surveys and a round of interviews that seek to allow students with disabilities to use their own voices and tell their own stories, and in so doing  give light to the unique and unexpected ways this shift has made educational access better or worse for them. Her goal is to create scholarship that can help create more equitable educational systems.

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Major: Sociology
Mentor: Mentor: Mary Kelsey, Sociology
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