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Louisa deCossy Humanities

Women in a Landscape of Change

The recent influx of modernity and opportunity into Ireland has profoundly affected the countrys social, geographical and cultural framework. In response to growing social pressure and the relaxation of the power of the Catholic Church, Ireland has changed many repressive laws regarding divorce and homosexuality and has closed antiquated institutions, such as the Magdalen Laundries. Louisa will research the effects of these changes on the social fabric of Ireland by interviewing women from different facets of Irish society regarding their newly emerging cultural identity. She will also visit historical and geographical sites that are suggested by the interviewees. Utilizing the mediums of film, photography and landscape painting, Louisa will draw on both new and old traditions to illustrate a changing portrait of Ireland and the women that live there.

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Major: Art Practice
Mentor: Mentor: Professor Katherine Sherwood
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