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Margaux Fitoussi Humanities

A Specter Haunting South Africa': Cuba's Symbolic Importance in the South African Anti-Apartheid Struggle, 1975-1991

Revolutionary Cuba provided international support and financial assistance to the liberation movements throughout southern African. Cuba’s foreign policy of international revolution and its liberation discourse crossed boundaries erected by the apartheid state and influenced the South African emancipation movement. Despite a strong public rapport between Cuba and anti-Apartheid leaders, the majority of research on Cubas foreign policy towards Africa has excluded South Africa. Drawing on archival research conducted at the University of Cape Town and South African national archives, Margaux hopes to contribute to the analysis of Cuba’s symbolic significance to the anti-Apartheid struggle. She will trace the origin of Cuba’s involvement in the South Africa liberation movement beginning in 1975 with Cuba’s increase of support to African revolutionary movements and ending in 1991 with Nelson Mandelas visit to Cuba.

Major: History
Mentor: Mentor: Professor David Cohen
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