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Development of Time-Resolving Magnetometers with Single-Spin Sensitivity

The field of quantum mechanics has produced many technological breakthroughs including the MRI scanner and Scanning Tunneling Microscope. However, probing the dynamics of particles such as electrons, which are best described by quantum mechanics, on a reasonable time scale has been a long term challenge. James Lee’s project aims to manipulate and measure the spin of electrons on a microsecond timescale. This will be accomplished through the Single Bohr Magneton Detector (SBD) project, under development in the Quantum Nano Lab at UC Berkeley. The SBD is a superconducting device that aims to efficiently couple to the magnetic field from a single spin. The ability to quickly measure small numbers of spins will enhance physicists understanding of quantum systems, and perhaps be a foundation for the building of novel quantum systems.

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Major: Engineering Physics
Mentor: Mentor: Professor Irfan Siddiqi, Physics
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