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Ariana-Bree Stamper-Gimbar Humanities

The Social Stratification of Language: A Comparative Analysis of American Indian English Among the Wintun and Kumeyaay

A double major in Linguistics and Native American Studies, Bree will study the social stratification of American Indian English, a single dialect of English that is shared by Native Americans of very different backgrounds across the United States and Canada. Indian English shows parallels to Ebonics, but has been poorly researched by comparison. Bree proposes to investigate the sociolinguistic variation of American Indian English among Wintun and Kumeyaay tribal members within the tribally owned casinos of Cache Creek, Sycuan and Viejas in California, in order to investigate how speech communities are impacted by Indian gaming. The resulting research will be presented as her Senior Honors Thesis in Linguistics.

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Major: Linguistics/Native American Studies Major
Mentor: Mentor: Professor Richard Rhodes, Linguistics
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