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Grace Allison Social Science

Perceiving is Believing: Impact of Partner Perceptions of Emotion Regulation in Romantic Relationships

Current Bio: Grace is a full-time research assistant at Columbia University.
Haas Scholars Project: Emotion regulation is the process by which individuals manage their emotions. A robust set of findings suggests that certain emotion regulation strategies promote well-being whereas others undermine well-being. This project will utilize romantic relationships as the social context in which to examine the effects of various emotion regulation strategies. Work related to this topic has either not considered partner perceptions or has relied on experimental paradigms that have low ecological validity. To address these limitations, Grace Allison will utilize surveys and observed relationship-specific conversations between couples to assess partner perceptions of emotion regulation and relationship quality. Enhanced understanding of adaptive and maladaptive strategies between romantic partners could have implications for life and relationship satisfaction, as well as therapy interventions. She will also compare effects across Western and Eastern cultural contexts.

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Major: Psychology major, Public Policy minor
Mentor: Mentor: Iris Mauss, Psychology
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