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Danica Rodarmel Humanities

Among Dreams: Transcending the Physical and Subjective Constraints of Incarceration

Current Bio: Previously an Equal Justice Works fellow at Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights working on bail reform and bail bonds issues. In Jan. 2020, Danica became the Policy Director of State Legislative Affairs at the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office.
Haas Scholars Project: Among Dreams illuminates the collective, un-fixed identities of incarcerated individuals in the Bay Area by interweaving dream narratives and personal histories. The project will culminate in two publications: one book devoted to the inmates work and another devoted to Danica’s experiences with familial incarceration and prison work. The books will explore reoccurring or unshakable dream narratives and personal stories, along with photographic interpretations of places and images significant to the dreams and memories. Interweaving dreams through the personal stories will help illuminate points of connection between the authors experiences and identities by drawing attention to reoccurring themes. A primary a goal of Among Dreams is counteracting the traditionally insufficient image of offenders as criminals by highlighting their basic humanity and personal experiences through a carefully made work of art.

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Major: English
Mentor: Mentor: Professor Georgina Kleege
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