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Marisa M. Jahn Humanities

Reveries in Lots: An Interpretive History of Social and Topographical Change in San Francisco's China Basin/Mission Rock District

Marisa’s project combines historical research and creative expression to explore the gentrification of one of San Francisco’s historically working class neighborhoods. Formerly a shipyard and port-based community, the China Basin/Mission Rock district has undergone recent rapid development, leading to the demolition of historic buildings and the displacement of native locals. Marisa intends to research and document the history of the neighborhood and to create a site-specific installation accessible to the public at an abandoned lookout point overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Finally, she will create a website combining a live video feed of the installation with historical and interpretive data. A virtual analogue to the physical installation, it will invite participation by a broader audience, as well as symbolize the process of dematerialization of physical, geographical space that is exemplified by the economic transformation of the neighborhood.

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Mentor: Mentor: Professor Shawn Brixey, Art Practice
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