Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Haas Scholars

2023-2024 All Scholars

Hannah BrooksHannah Brooks

Hannah Brooks

Sticks and Stones: Reconstructing the Instructional Architecture of the Anna Head School


Maura Adela Cruz

Reviving the “Indio”: The Rhetorical Figure of the “Indio” in Farmworker Literatures of Protest during the Chicanx Literary Renaissance


Ameneh GharabiAmeneh Gharabi

Ameneh Gharabi

A Cysteine-Reactive Compound Screen to Identify Novel Regulators of Foxp3 Expression


John Chan Lam

Breaking Down Barriers: An Exploration of Leadership Opportunities for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals in the Nonprofit Sector

Social Science

Adam MoustafaAdam Moustafa

Adam Moustafa

Power of the People: Language, Wor(l)d Construction, and Peoples’ Perceptions of People’s Park


Lea Mira Raha

Embodied Trauma: Investigating the Relationship Between Lifecourse Racial Discrimination and Mental Health among South Asian Adults in the United States

Social Science

Vitto Resnick

The Characterization of Three Novel Synthetic Opsins for Optogenetic Vision Restoration in Mouse Models of Retinal Degeneration Using Adeno-associated Viral Vectors


Kimberly SalazarKimberly Salazar

Kimberly Salazar

Welfare-to-Work Versus Human Capital Ideology: An Investigation of the Barriers Student-Parents Face Navigating CalWORKs at 4-Year Universities

Social Science

Bryce WallaceBryce Wallace

Bryce Wallace

The Ethics of Literary Scholarship and the Burden of Representation: If and How the Humanities Articulate Otherness


Rachel WhitesideRachel Whiteside

Rachel Whiteside

An Analysis of Agricultural Dynamics in Ukraine in Times of Peace and War Using Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Technologies

Social Science

Tohar ZamirTohar Zamir

Tohar Zamir

Pico-Robertson: How External Constraints, Ethnic Economies, and Resource Extraction Created a Dense Jewish Enclave.

Social Science