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URAP Summer Fellows

URAP students who have worked with the same URAP mentor for at least two semesters are eligible to be nominated for the URAP summer stipend to continue their work for five weeks over the summer. Calls for nominations go out to mentors each spring.

Summer 2017 All Researchers


Kristy Dang

The Role of Attention in Motor Adaptation
Profile image of Stephanie GamProfile image of Stephanie Gam

Stephanie Gam

Impulsive Reactions to Emotions, Cognition, and Biological Markers
Profile image of Dae Woong HamProfile image of Dae Woong Ham

Dae Woong Ham

Radiobiology Synergy Analysis (Statistics project)
Profile image of Alyson KishiProfile image of Alyson Kishi

Alyson Kishi

Quantifying the relationship between stereopsis and motor control in a prehension task
Profile image of Renata M. BotelloProfile image of Renata M. Botello

Renata M. Botello

Motivators and Barriers to Social Interaction in People with Schizophrenia
Profile image of Amir-Ala MahmoudProfile image of Amir-Ala Mahmoud

Amir-Ala Mahmoud

Spleen Development in TLx1 and NKx2.5 deficient human cell lines
Profile image of Roshni PatelProfile image of Roshni Patel

Roshni Patel

Predicting disease phenotypes based on genotype data
Profile image of Cyrus RuedigerProfile image of Cyrus Ruediger

Cyrus Ruediger

Investigating contributions of KGB-1 to stress resistance
Profile image of Ruby SapiaProfile image of Ruby Sapia

Ruby Sapia

Does the "food movement" include farmers and ranchers?

Arthur Tran

Synthesis of Hetero-bifunctional PROTAC Derivative
Profile image of Fiona YangProfile image of Fiona Yang

Fiona Yang

The Extraordinary Impact of Nonverbal Behavior

Yuxiao Yu

Modeling the functions of the gene, DYRK1A, using Xenopus Tropicalis
Profile image of Neha ZahidProfile image of Neha Zahid

Neha Zahid

Malnutrition, Tooth Decay, and Gender
Profile image of Shannon ZhengProfile image of Shannon Zheng

Shannon Zheng

Intersectionality in interracial, romantic relationships