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URAP Summer Fellows

URAP students who have worked with the same URAP mentor for at least two semesters are eligible to be nominated for the URAP summer stipend to continue their work for five weeks over the summer. Calls for nominations go out to mentors each spring.

Summer 2020 All Researchers

Profile image of Maja AhmannProfile image of Maja Ahmann

Maja Ahmann

Backlash toward Inclusion Policies: Psychological Underpinnings and Solutions
Profile image of Alexander AmramProfile image of Alexander Amram

Alexander Amram

Hormonal Signaling's Impact on Cardiomyocyte Regeneration
Profile image of Sarah BakirProfile image of Sarah Bakir

Sarah Bakir

Impacts of Violence Against Healthcare in Syria
Profile image of Jamie CalmaProfile image of Jamie Calma

Jamie Calma

Characterization of Resistance to Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato in Tomato
Profile image of Nonnie CoelhoProfile image of Nonnie Coelho

Nonnie Coelho

Groundwater Availability and Plant Phenology in Sagehen Basin
Profile image of Zoë CramerProfile image of Zoë Cramer

Zoë Cramer

Orientalism & Twain: An Analysis of Egyptomania
Profile image of Dina GhandourProfile image of Dina Ghandour

Dina Ghandour

Rates of Death in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infected Corneal Cells
Profile image of Emily GibsonProfile image of Emily Gibson

Emily Gibson

The Role of DNA Methylation in the Northern Elephant Seal Stress Response
Profile image of Alan JianProfile image of Alan Jian

Alan Jian

Quantifying Goal Congruence using Natural Language Processing
Profile image of Miranda JiangProfile image of Miranda Jiang

Miranda Jiang

“Rice all the Time?”: Oral History Performance and Bay Area Chinese-American Experiences
Profile image of Miranda Lee-FoltzProfile image of Miranda Lee-Foltz

Miranda Lee-Foltz

Exploring Relationships Between Color Variation and Genotypes in Lizards from the Pisgah Lava Flow in California
Profile image of Maya MalaviyaProfile image of Maya Malaviya

Maya Malaviya

How Does the Duration of Experienced Environmental Changes Affect Motor Memories?
Profile image of Reet MishraProfile image of Reet Mishra

Reet Mishra

Assessing GAA mutation predictions from the CAGI Challenge
Profile image of Alice MoProfile image of Alice Mo

Alice Mo

Microfluidic Sensor for Monitoring Health Systems
Profile image of Pranav NagarajanProfile image of Pranav Nagarajan

Pranav Nagarajan

Pioneering New Data-Analysis Techniques for the Next Generation of Gamma-Ray Space Telescopes
Profile image of Tara NajafiProfile image of Tara Najafi

Tara Najafi

The Role of the Cerebellum in Motor Learning
Profile image of Elizabeth OrdemanProfile image of Elizabeth Ordeman

Elizabeth Ordeman

Determining the Evolutionary Forces responsible for Toxin Resistance in Milkweed Butterflies
Profile image of Apurva PrasadProfile image of Apurva Prasad

Apurva Prasad

Effects of NCM/CM Lesions of Auditory Cortical Regions in Avians
Profile image of Ashish RameshProfile image of Ashish Ramesh

Ashish Ramesh

Finding Novel Regulators of Nonsense-mediated mRNA Decay
Profile image of Alexandra RoProfile image of Alexandra Ro

Alexandra Ro

Intersectional Boundaries among Asian American and White Spouses
Profile image of Neha SimhaProfile image of Neha Simha

Neha Simha

Investigating the relationship between water and sugar taste modalities in Drosophila melanogaster
Profile image of Caroline SmithProfile image of Caroline Smith

Caroline Smith

Development and Patterning of the Anterior-Posterior Axis through a Genetic Focus in Xenopus
Profile image of Alice WangProfile image of Alice Wang

Alice Wang

Exploration of the Usage and Effects of Kilohertz Transcranial Magnetic Perturbation (kTMP)
Profile image of Ayla WeitzProfile image of Ayla Weitz

Ayla Weitz

Locating Historical Type Ia Supernova
Profile image of Mark ZerrudoProfile image of Mark Zerrudo

Mark Zerrudo

Writing Data Stories: Integrating Computational Data Investigations into the Middle School Science Classroom
Profile image of Pearl ZhouProfile image of Pearl Zhou

Pearl Zhou

Development of a genetically encoded tool for manipulation of metabolism
Profile image of Andy ZouProfile image of Andy Zou

Andy Zou

Big Data for Global Employment Dynamics