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Jner Tzern (JJ) Oon

Shane Adaptive Optics Survey of Stellar Binary Systems

The projects aims at searching for stellar binary systems with extremely uneven members. The surveys the team conducts use state-of-the-art high contrast imaging devices. To the large collection of images for each target advanced analysis tools are applied to achieve the highest possible contrast to find the faint companions. JJ continues to be involved in the in the data analysis and post-processing of the data. This includes developing code to process the raw data to final, science-grade images of each target, testing the approach and optimizing it. The team is currently working on a peer-reviewed publication; JJ will be a co-author.

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The URAP program has been very worthwhile, it exceeded my expectations in helping with the transition into doing research. I feel much more confident in my abilities as a researcher. My mentor is great, and has been very encouraging since the beginning. Big thumbs up and a big thank you!
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Major: Astrophysics and Physcis
Mentor: Gaspard Duchene, Astrophysics
Sponsor: Anselm MPS Fund
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