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Adele Wallrich

Farming for Native Bees

The Urban Bee Lab creates partnerships with farmers to research ways that farms can attract native bees, such as implementing sustainable plant habitat, in an effort to supplement honey bee pollination. With colony collapse disorder decimating honey bee populations, it is crucial to study our native Californian bees, of which there are over 1,500 species. This summer, we are continuing to process and database our bee collections, assemble papers and deliverables, and do fieldwork at our agricultural/urban sites.

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Being a part of this lab has been the best part of my Cal experience. I am very interested in ecology, food systems, and in particular, the relationship between bees and sustainable agriculture. This lab is a wonderfully supportive environment where I get to do hands-on work, both in the field and in the lab, under the guidance of an incredible professor, excellent lab assistants, and fellow URAP classmates. I have enjoyed every moment of participating in this research. I am very humbled by the opportunity to work with the lab, and the honor of being a URAP Summer Stipend Fellow this year.
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Major: Conservation and Resource Studies
Mentor: Gordon Frankie, ESPM
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