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Cyrus Ruediger

Investigating contributions of KGB-1 to stress resistance

Organisms are continually faced by a variety of external and internal stressors, which often both contribute to and are exacerbated by the aging process and associated pathologies. Our lab uncovered an age-dependent switch in the contributions of the C. elegans JNK protein KGB-1 to stress resistance, providing protection in larvae, but reducing resistance and shortening lifespan in adults. This switch is associated with age-dependent regulation of the longevity and stress resistance associated transcription factor DAF-16/FOXO. I am working to understand the protective effects of KGB-1 and the nature of KGB-1’s interaction(s) with DAF-16, with the goal of improving our understanding of how cellular and organism level stress responses change with age.

Message To Sponsor

I plan to pursue a career in science and am very grateful for the opportunity to conduct concentrated research this summer. My research experiences in the Shapira lab solidified my passions for science and helped me decide to apply to graduate school, where I will continue asking questions, learning, and developing as a scientist. I thank URAP for funding my research this summer and facilitating undergraduate research year round.
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Major: Molecular & Cell Biology
Mentor: Michael Shapira, Integrated Biology
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