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Shannon Zheng

Intersectionality in interracial, romantic relationships

As an undergraduate research apprentice, I transcribe interviews in a qualitative Sociological study. After transcribing, I help code and organize data. Given my exposure to the data, I then have the opportunity to author analytic memos, seeking relationships between past scholarship and current data.

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My experience with URAP enables me to draw connections between social and rhetorical theory in the classroom with the diverse, lived experiences of participants in my current research project. I am incredibly grateful to be able to contribute to one of the most renowned Sociology departments in the country; URAP not only allows me to have the opportunity to further the study of race, gender, and class relations but also the invaluable opportunity to work directly with my mentor. My mentor, with her trust and support in me, motivates and inspires me to pursue my future plans in social justice. I know with the skills and support that I've gained from URAP that I will be able to confidently pursue my goals to positively impact my community through work in the public sector.
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Major: Sociology & Rhetoric
Mentor: Cybelle Fox, Sociology
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