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Lily Huang Chen

Linguistic Conventionality

Words can differ dramatically in how widely they are known by others and this distribution has to be learned. For this study, we ask whether children refrain from using a novel word for an object when speaking to an interlocutor who does not know that word (“give me the bem”), by instead employing a description of the object composed of familiar words (“give me the blue one”).

Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much for the given opportunity! Because of the stipend, I was able to worry less about the financial situation and focus more on performing well in the research component. During this summer, I have improved and also learned new research skills that further enhanced my interest in research and academics. I really appreciate and enjoyed my experience with URAP summer program!
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Major: Psychology & Spanish Linguistics
Mentor: Mahesh Srinivasan, Psychology
Sponsor: Y. Chen Fund
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