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Anoop Bains

Post COVID-19: Unhoused Youth Needs

In light of COVID-19, the unhoused community has been rocked but this situation has also presented the unique opportunity to assess how pandemics affect the community. This summer research project will be specifically assessing the needs of unhoused youth in reaction to the difficulties COVID-19 has led to (loss of jobs, closing of resource centers, lack of support for the homeless, etc). I will be working on dissemination of a report regarding computer provider needs compiled during the spring, then putting together a crowd-sourcing survey to assess how unhoused youth have perceived changes in their needs in the Bay Area, and final I will work to lay the foundation for future research that looks at youth homelessness and COVID-19 on the state level. Our initial project has changed due to the different circumstances, but the Y-SE lab is continuing to move forward in acknowledging and supporting youth voices and needs.

Message To Sponsor

I am so grateful for the support of donors, due to whom it is possible to begin our project this upcoming summer. I am extremely passionate about youth homelessness, especially working to end it. Your support ensures that I can continue contributing to research that further progresses accomplishing that goal, and that I can also develop as a budding researcher. Thank you.
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Major: Public Health
Mentor: Marieka Schotland, Innovations for Youth (i4Y)
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