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Alice Wang

Exploration of the Usage and Effects of Kilohertz Transcranial Magnetic Perturbation (kTMP)

This summer I will be researching the effects of using kilohertz transcranial magnetic perturbation (kTMP) to stimulate the brain at sub threshold firing rates. My mentor and I intend to analyze kTMP’s effects on cortical excitability and motor output. Our ultimate goal is to see if kTMP induces changes that can prime or inhibit brain activity.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you to my sponsors who have allowed me to continue research over the summer! I am honored to have this opportunity to delve into my research and build understanding for this pioneering technology that can help elucidate questions on neurological responses and build a foundation to future medical therapies. You have truly given me a way to explore my passions, and for that I am sincerely grateful.
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Major: Cognitive Science
Mentor: Richard Ivry, Psychology
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