Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

URAP Summer Fellows

URAP students who have worked with the same URAP mentor for at least two semesters are eligible to be nominated for the URAP summer stipend to continue their work for five weeks over the summer. Calls for nominations go out to mentors each spring.

Summer 2024 All Researchers


Alp Altug

Groundwater Sustainability Finance

Nyssa Alvarado

Determining Mechanisms of COPD, Airflow Obstruction, and Diffusion Abnormality Development in HIV-Positive Individuals

Samer Bahu

Blame Attribution in Patient-Physician Miscommunications

Paris Grae Bailey

Curatorial Apprenticeship in Artistic Representations and Material Culture of Jewish Diaspora

Lucia Boadas Pena

Understanding the Psychosocial and Social Service Needs of Unaccompanied Immigrant Youth

Kiely Bol

Exploring the Impact of Parkinson's Disease on Explicit Re-Aiming

Isabelle Cherry

Analyzing the Sustainability of Manufacturing and Recycling Subsea Internet Cables

Theo Danial

Stereotypes of Gender Atypicality-Stereotype Threat

Charlie Diaz

Measuring Greenhouse Gas Fluxes from Wetland Soil Cores with Fluctuating Water Levels

Kayla Dixon

Analyzing RFID Monitoring Data in Colonial tuco-tucos (Ctenomys sociabilis) housed in Semi-Natural Enclosures

Claire Donahue

Determining the elevational limits of Letharia lichen in the California Sierra Nevada

Catherine Flowers

Spiritual and Religious Factors in Public Health Training, Research, and Practice

Stacy Giu

Children's rights and parents' rights in child welfare, education, and health: Tracking national trends

Lynn Gu

Phylogenetics of Pacific Coast Irises

Serena Gu

Developing Personalized Degree Planning System

Xinze Guo

Modeling the Beam Directivity of the MIST Global 21 cm Experiment Using Shapelets

Rebecca Haile

Assessing the Increase of Underrepresented Minority Students in Public Health Informatics Courses: Longitudinal and Mixed Methods Approaches

Kailyn Jackson

Re-Imagining Postpartum Care for Black Birthing People in California

Neha Jag

Determining Localization of the SAV Protein in Arabidopsis thaliana
Minseo KimMinseo Kim

Minseo Kim

NUMR-1, a Novel UV-inducible Nuclear Protein in C. elegans

Doogie Kim

Developing immune receptor-based constructs for plant disease resistance engineering

Harshit Kolisetty

Interrogating the Mechanism of Small Molecule Inhibitors for Cardiovascular Disease

Pranav Kolluri

Deep Learning to Accelerate Motion Grading of HR-pQCTs

Jinsheng Li

Exploring Solar Wind-Magnetosphere-Planetary Surface Coupling at Mercury’s Magnetosphere with MESSENGER’s Measurements

Hani Liu

Circadian rhythm of malaria parasites

Touss Majidi

Testing designed transcriptional activation domains for plant synthetic biology

Camille Miner

Children's rights and parents' rights in child welfare, education, and health: Tracking national trends

Ian Mitchell

Cataloguing Unprocessed Museum Acquisitions for Public Access

Amelia Monsour

Outlier Nation: American Health and Economy in Comparative Perspective

Casey Nguyen

Examining the Different Outcomes of Cervical Spine Procedures Based on Approach: Anterior vs. Posterior

Maddie Qualls

Cataloging and Archiving at the Center for the Tebtunis Papyri

Tariq Ravasia

Issue opinions and the growth of legislative polarization

Neil Solanki

Methane Sensor and Wild Fire Detection Robot Development

Natalie Tang

An Alternative, Native, and Covalent Approach to Halo-ChIP for Halo-Tagged Transcription Factors

Adriana Temprano

Addressing Access to Legal Justice: Racial Trauma, Class Action, and AI

Tiffany Truong

Culturing Recalcitrant Bradyrhizobium Strains For The Host Range Assay

Vera Wheatley

From the Courthouse to the Community: The Past, Present, and Future of Judicial Outreach

Caitlyn Wilt

An Equitable And Sustainable Transition In The Agriculture-Food System

Emma Wu

Investigating the Potential for Wastewater Effluent to Restore Coastal Stream Ecosystems in Southern California

Xinfang Xing

Single-cell RNA sequencing analysis for mutant mice models and investigation of pathogenesis

Melissa Young

Field School With The Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology

Johan Zhang

Evolution of the Lateral Line Canal-Tubule System in Extinct Devonian Sarcopterygian and Extant Early Actinopterygian Fishes