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Profile image of Kyle BarbourProfile image of Kyle Barbour

Kyle Barbour

Exploring seizure-like aberrations in the rat hippocampal mossy fiber pathway and medial prefrontal cortex following neonatal sevoflurane general anesthesia

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Marisa LimProfile image of Marisa Lim

Marisa Lim

Investigation of contact zone interaction by DNA analysis of historical specimens of the California ground squirrel (Otospermophilus beecheyi)

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Halea MeeseProfile image of Halea Meese

Halea Meese

The effect of the implementation of a national health insurance scheme on mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS in selected nations of Sub-Saharan Africa

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Mark PhuongProfile image of Mark Phuong

Mark Phuong

Species or lineages? Distribution modeling of ancient, phylogeographic lineages of California ground squirrels under present, past, and future climates

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Timothy RothProfile image of Timothy Roth

Timothy Roth

The use of modular, synthetic scaffolds for modeling pathway kinetics using a synthetic n-butanol pathway in engineered E. coli

L&S Sciences