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Summer 2018 L&S Sciences

Profile image of Ann DengProfile image of Ann Deng

Ann Deng

In Vitro Reconstitution of mTORC1 Recruitment Using a Supported Lipid Bilayer System

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Maria JiProfile image of Maria Ji

Maria Ji

Investigating the Egyptian Fruit Bat as a Mammalian Model for Vocal Learning

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Yu MaProfile image of Yu Ma

Yu Ma

Analysis of Matrix Multiplication Complexity Using Properties of Tensors

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Jonathan QuProfile image of Jonathan Qu

Jonathan Qu

Untangling evolutionary relationships among Polystichum californicum and its progenitors

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Jamie ShiahProfile image of Jamie Shiah

Jamie Shiah

Investigating the membrane remodeling activity of ESCRT-III helical polymers with ATPase spastin

L&S Sciences