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In Vitro Reconstitution of mTORC1 Recruitment Using a Supported Lipid Bilayer System

In recent years, our view of the lysosome has changed from the cells recycle bin to a sophisticated metabolic signaling center. The lysosome is the site of recruitment and activation of the mammalian Target of Rapamycin Complex 1 (mTORC1), a master regulator of cell growth and metabolism. The surfaces of lysosomes harbor many different chemical sensors that communicate with mTORC1, but how these different stimuli are integrated and translated into mTORC1-regulating signals is still poorly understood. As there has been increasing evidence that the facilitation of protein scaffold formation by membranes plays an important role in signal transmission, modeling mTORC1 recruitment to a membrane is an important step in elucidating the mechanisms behind mTORC1 regulation. By employing in vitro reconstitution of mTORC1 recruitment to a membrane using a supported lipid bilayer (SLB) system, I aim to investigate critical roles the lysosomal membrane may play in the proper assembly and regulation of the mTORC1 pathway.

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Very many thanks to the Pergo fund for allowing me to have this opportunity to work on research full-time. This experience has given me a sense of what progress on a project should look like and what it feels like, and it has given me confidence that I can troubleshoot my way through any issues that arise. It has also given me the confidence that my work can be impactful, and that with enough time and dedication I can do something significant. Thank you again for supporting me!
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Major: MCB, Music
Mentor: Roberto Zoncu
Sponsor: Pergo L&S
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