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Sanyum Channa L&S Sciences

Synthesizing and Investigating the Magnetic properties of new Honeycomb Iridate, Ag2IrO3

Honeycomb iridates are a class of compounds that were theoretically predicted to be spin liquids, i.e. materials that lacked magnetic ordering due to their magnetic spin interactions. However, due to real-world deviations from theory, compounds like Lithium Iridate have been extensively studied to show fascinating forms of magnetism (like spiral and zig-zag orderings). Taking inspiration from this recent research, the goal of my project is to synthesize a new iridate – Ag2IrO3 (Silver Iridate). The motivation for this is to see how the metal, Ag, interacts with the underlying magnetism of the honeycomb lattice. Since the electronic energies of Ag are closer to those of Ir, it is possible that this material unlocks new energy interactions that will help further understand the way magnetism manifests in these materials. Once successfully synthesized, I shall use experimental probes such as magnetization and heat capacity to see signatures of these novel properties.

Message To Sponsor

I would like to thank the Anselm M&PS fund for taking the initiative to fund undergraduate research in the sciences. The SURF program allowed me to immerse myself in my own project and grow as a researcher through hands-on data collection, organization and analysis. Once a student who believed he lack the competency for research, I am now confident in my plans to enter academia in the field of condensed mater physics. Furthermore, the end of summer SURF conference gave me a chance to learn how to effectively present my results, as well as network with scholars from a diverse array of backgrounds.
Major: Physics
Mentor: James Analytis
Sponsor: Anselm M&PS
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