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Delaney Farris L&S Sciences

Exploring the role of nucleosome positioning on gene silencing in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Nuclear DNA is subjected to various levels of compaction, including tight wrapping around histone proteins producing densely packed, relatively inaccessible regions of heterochromatin. How nucleosome positioning is established and maintained is an area of active study. Understanding nucleosome positioning allows further understanding of proper and improper gene regulation. Budding yeast is a simplified yet highly conserved eukaryotic model used to gain understanding of complex processes that occur in humans. I am interested in studying the mechanism of silencing, using the silent mating type locus in yeast. I am curious about the role of nucleosome depleted regions in nucleosome positioning and will utilize various genetic manipulations, including CRISPR/Cas9, MNAse-Seq, and CRASH analysis to study this question.

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Participating in the SURF program this summer was an academically and professionally enriching experience. Through SURF, I was able to experience the day-to-day of research, delve into my project, and expand my understanding in the field. I feel more confident working in a lab environment, conversing with my research peers, and presenting my own work in a scientific setting.
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Major: MCB- Genetics, Genomics, and Development
Mentor: Jasper Rine
Sponsor: Pergo L&S
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