Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

URAP Donor Reports 2024

Cheunkarndee Fund

Alp Altug

Groundwater Sustainability Finance

Lucia Boadas Pena

Understanding the Psychosocial and Social Service Needs of Unaccompanied Immigrant Youth

Serena Gu

Developing Personalized Degree Planning System
Minseo KimMinseo Kim

Minseo Kim

NUMR-1, a Novel UV-inducible Nuclear Protein in C. elegans

Pranav Kolluri

Deep Learning to Accelerate Motion Grading of HR-pQCTs

Adriana Temprano

Addressing Access to Legal Justice: Racial Trauma, Class Action, and AI

Johan Zhang

Evolution of the Lateral Line Canal-Tubule System in Extinct Devonian Sarcopterygian and Extant Early Actinopterygian Fishes