Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

URAP Donor Reports 2023

Leadership Fund

Beatrice Aronson

An Equitable and Sustainable Transition in the Agriculture-Food System

Julianna Bass

Global Systemic Racism Book Project and EdX Course Development

Tianjian (Tim) Lin

The Role of CircRNA kcirc38 in Latent Infection of Kaposi’s Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus (KSHV)

Derik Liu

Understanding the Role and Function of F26BP in Controlling Glycolysis

Isha Mahajan

Reconstructing the Composition and Diversity of the Eocene Gulf Coastal Plain, U.S. Using Leaf Architecture Analysis

Saba Majidi

Intestinal LRH-1 and the Modulation of Bioacid Metabolism

Gaik Mkrtchian

Effects of Diabetes and Weight Loss on Bone Development.

Fiona Oh

Characterizing the Freezing Tolerance of Antarctic Nematodes

Tanmayi Patharkar

Reconstructing the Paleoclimate and Paleoecology of the Eocene Gulf Coastal Plain, U.S. Using Digital Leaf Physiognomy

Mira Sur

Lessons Learned from Implementation of Student Health Coach Training in a Hypertension and Technology Pilot Study: A Qualitative Research Approach

Mari Torii-Karch

Fungal-Bacterial Interactions: The Genes Underlying Fungal Response to Bacterial Colonization

Andrew Wong

Effect of APOE2/3 on Neurodegenerative Health and Cholesterol Homeostasis in C. Elegans

Ivan Wu

Cytotoxic effect of chemical agents on nucleus pulposus cells of human intervertebral discs