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Summer 2017 Rose Hills

Profile image of Nazar AkhverdyanProfile image of Nazar Akhverdyan

Nazar Akhverdyan

Synthetic Biology Approach to Drive Oxygen-Dependent Biochemical Pathways Under Anaerobic Conditions

Rose Hills

Profile image of Stacey DojiriProfile image of Stacey Dojiri

Stacey Dojiri

Horizontal Gene Transfer of a tet(C)-containing casette between Chlamydia suis and Chlamydia trachomatis

Rose Hills

Profile image of Tiffany FungProfile image of Tiffany Fung

Tiffany Fung

Development of a preferred retinal locus in response to a simulated central scotoma: visuomotor adaptation or strategy?

Rose Hills

Profile image of Nikko JeffreysProfile image of Nikko Jeffreys

Nikko Jeffreys

Engineered In Vitro Infective Endocarditis Modeling with a Human iPSC-based Cardiac Microphysiological System

Rose Hills

Profile image of William KumlerProfile image of William Kumler

William Kumler

Evolution of multicellularity: Capture of unicellular versus multicellular choanoflagellates by a protozoan predator

Rose Hills

Hanna Liao

Investigating the degradation of a kinetochore protein, Ndc80p, during meiosis

Rose Hills

Profile image of Alan LiuProfile image of Alan Liu

Alan Liu

Probing the Kinetics and Mechanism of Acetalization of Ketones and Aldehydes with Various Diols and Heterogeneous Acid Catalysts

Rose Hills

Stanley Liu

Optimizing the Synthesis of CVD Single Crystal Few-Layer h-BN for Graphene Electronic Devices

Rose Hills

Eugene Lo

Evaluation of the Localization Ability of a Commercial Off-The-Shelf Drone for Active Cooperative Localization

Rose Hills

Profile image of Ada LockeProfile image of Ada Locke

Ada Locke

The role of inflammatory signaling and blood brain barrier degradation in cognitive decline

Rose Hills

Profile image of Mariel NelsonProfile image of Mariel Nelson

Mariel Nelson

An in-depth field investigation of shallow landslides and slope stability in a sedimentary landscape

Rose Hills

Profile image of Yein RaProfile image of Yein Ra

Yein Ra

Interspecies Interactions Resulting in Induced Antibiotic Production

Rose Hills

Profile image of Ryan ShihProfile image of Ryan Shih

Ryan Shih

Toward Swimming Medical Microrobots: Design and Characterization of a MEMS Motor for Electrostatic Actuation in Fluid

Rose Hills

Profile image of Alvin WanProfile image of Alvin Wan

Alvin Wan

Evolution Strategies as Derivative Free Alternative to Deep Reinforcement Learning

Rose Hills

Profile image of Andrew WongProfile image of Andrew Wong

Andrew Wong

Development of Pseudomonas putida as a genome mining host for antimicrobial discovery

Rose Hills

Profile image of Lynn YangProfile image of Lynn Yang

Lynn Yang

Teeth as Sensory Organs: 3D Correlative Analysis of Nerves and Vasculature in the Periodontal Ligament

Rose Hills