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Summer 2017 L&S Sciences

Profile image of Annika AndersonProfile image of Annika Anderson

Annika Anderson

Reprogramming of Mller Glial Cells by Adeno-Associated Viral mediated delivery of split dCAS9-VP64-MS2-p65

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Andrew C. LuProfile image of Andrew C. Lu

Andrew C. Lu

Investigation of the Effects of LisH Domain Proteins on the Drosophila Melanogaster Histone Cluster

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Iris LiProfile image of Iris Li

Iris Li

Investigating the Role of Ras-like GTPases in TORC2 Localization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

L&S Sciences

Profile image of Eva LopezProfile image of Eva Lopez

Eva Lopez

Effectiveness of Iron Oxide Microlites as Bubble Nucleation Sites in Rhyolitic Melts

L&S Sciences

Tong Zhang

Investigating the influence of Drosophila DNA bending proteins, HMGD/HMGZ, on P element transposase activity

L&S Sciences

Profile image of James ZhengProfile image of James Zheng

James Zheng

Inhibition of NRAS mutant malignant melanoma through targeting long non-coding RNA in vitro and in vivo

L&S Sciences