Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Allison Xu

The Large Hadron Collider collects a large amount of data through collisions between photons, which produce and decay into various particles such as top quarks. Top quarks are the elementary particle with the most mass and could help in the search for new physics. Due to their mass, they decay quickly and are not detected directly. Instead, top quarks can be reconstructed using other observable information with machine learning. Graph neural networks (GNN) are useful for top quark reconstruction because of its ability to represent particles and their relationships as […]

Rebecca Pu

As the climate crisis comes to a head, more and more investors are engaging with corporations to push them towards better environmental performance to help limit global warming. Yet, there is inconclusive evidence on whether or not engagement actually results in greenhouse gas emission reduction in line with the 2015 Paris Agreement. My research project will use corporate data from the Carbon Disclosure Project to evaluate the carbon management quality of hundreds of fossil fuel companies, better understand what behaviors drive greenhouse gas emission reduction among fossil fuel companies, and […]

Benjamin Heronimus

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This research project focuses on applying cutting edge nanotechnology to projects in COVID detection, radiation detection, energy storage, and many other applications. My work focuses on developing finite element and computational fluid dynamic simulations of the various applications in order to verify theoretical models and advise the production processes. My simulations have been instrumental in the evaluation of various dielectrics to be applied to our nanotube chips as well as simulating electrostatic interactions at the nanotube level. Over the summer, I hope to continue my work with dielectrics, begin working […]

Sakina Bambot

Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) is a form of community-based research where youth are trained to be active researchers in order to address the problems that impact them the most. This summer, I will primarily be continuing my work on a systematic review where we are looking at YPAR studies from the past few years and synthesizing how these projects have impacted youth and their communities. I will be working on qualitatively coding articles to categorize key findings and analyze various youth outcomes. Our goal is to identify what programs […]

Tianyi Tina Liu

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This summer, I will continue to work with Professor Volpp to recover the preservation history of a collection of rare books from the Song and Ming Dynasties, tracing their journey in wartime China before arriving at the Library of Congress. Preserving these rare books took the joint efforts of a generation of scholars and librarians from China and the U.S., while the details of this history are still a mystery. Retrieving this history allows us to reexamine this important, early cultural exchange between China and the U.S..

Matthew Huh

My research in the Baker lab works to further understand the molecular-genetic mechanisms of plant innate immunity. Specifically, our lab looks to analyze plant microRNAs and small interfering RNAs which allow plants to regulate development, genome function, and immune response. This semester, I have been utilizing bioinformatic procedures to download and format RNA sequences from other genomic databases in NCBI and analyze them using software like NCBI’s BLAST and SnapGene. Through this analysis, we were able to observe how conserved certain genes were across different plant species. This summer, I […]

Joy He

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In nature, infections that consist of multiple parasite strains are common and are of major public health concern. Theory suggests that these infections have a huge influence on the evolution of infectious diseases. Recently, there has been growing interest in what shapes taxa moving from mutualist to parasite. The goal of my research is to explore this question and look at the relationship between multiple infections of symbionts, in particular non-pathogenic bacteria. Understanding these key interactions will help explain the complicated workings of the transition of microbiota from commensals to […]

Saffanat Sumra

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In the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters, I was one of the 20 student interns of the Patient Support Corps program who served as Healthcare Navigators for a COVID-19 Hotline at the UCSF Office of Population Health and Accountable Care (OPHAC). This summer, I will continue working with clinical programs at OPHAC to identify areas where undergraduate students could help with case-finding and coaching patients with chronic health conditions. Part of my work would entail establishing relationships/pipelines for the recruitment and training of students from underrepresented backgrounds. This involves […]