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Benjamin Heronimus

Simulations of Nanotechnology in its Various Applications

This research project focuses on applying cutting edge nanotechnology to projects in COVID detection, radiation detection, energy storage, and many other applications. My work focuses on developing finite element and computational fluid dynamic simulations of the various applications in order to verify theoretical models and advise the production processes. My simulations have been instrumental in the evaluation of various dielectrics to be applied to our nanotube chips as well as simulating electrostatic interactions at the nanotube level. Over the summer, I hope to continue my work with dielectrics, begin working on simulating radiation detection applications, and assist Dr. Waqas Khalid in any other roles he may need.

Message To Sponsor

I really can't thank the donors enough for supporting this program. It has set me up for applying to Graduate School and given me the experience necessary to become a useful member of any research time. Going from someone who was brand new to the field of research to actively developing my Professor's goals through the simulations I made couldn't have happened without the generousness of our donors. Again, thank you donors for funding my learning and giving me the opportunity to grow into one of the researchers of the future.
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Major: Engineering Physics and Astrophysics
Mentor: Waqas Khalid, Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SCET) and Physics
Sponsor: Anselm MPS Fund
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