Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP)

Program Overview

The Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP) pairs faculty who need research assistance with undergraduates eager to engage in advanced research. For faculty who take on this serious mentoring role, small grants (up to $600 per academic year) are available to pay for expenses incurred in bringing the undergraduate into the project. Limited summer funds for student summer stipends are also available. For more information see the Faculty Handbook.

Note for Fall 2023: Most mentors have returned to working with their students in-person; if you plan to meet with students remotely only, please let students know in the project description.


URAP operates through a personalized web-based “portal” that is created for each faculty member. Your portal will allow you to view applications, post notes for applicants and apprentices, create Learning Contracts and see if students have signed the contracts. You may also renew and revise your project(s) at the portal.


Mentors can post research opportunities for each fall and spring semester. Fall 2023: URAP will begin to list open fall projects in late July. The application process is entirely remote; the program is well prepared to continue to help mentors connect with students outside of the classroom.  It is your decision if the work will be remote, in person, or a hybrid version. Please contact Stefanie Ebeling at urap@berkeley.edu for the link to submit a proposal. The last day to submit a new project for the fall semester is August 14th. Funding note: We will continue to provide small grants to mentors, more information will follow soon.

Student deadline: Student applications open on the first day of the administrative term, and close on Monday in the second week of classes. The fall application period for students will be Wednesday, August 16th through Monday, August 28th.


Click here for a look at current URAP faculty research projects for apprentices.


The URAP Faculty Handbook (please see below) offers an extensive description of the program, and guidelines for working with the undergraduates.


Important dates in the URAP cycle are noted in our Faculty Calendars: Spring 2023 (pdf) and Fall 2023 (pdf).


Each semester, the URAP faculty mentor and the undergraduate apprentice must sign a Learning Contract outlining roles and expectations, whether or not they enroll for units. Contracts are completed online for new and continuing apprentices.


There are no new URAP projects listed in the summer, but there is usually funding available for continuing URAP faculty and apprentices. Faculty who participate in URAP during the fall AND spring semester may nominate a current apprentice to receive a SUMMER work stipend. Eligible faculty will be notified in mid-February about summer funding.