Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Zara Miura Brandt

Exploring ChatGPT in Language/Culture Learning

The project in which I’m involved seeks to understand why and how students who are learning world languages at UC Berkeley do, or do not, use ChatGPT. As a large language model, ChatGPT presents particular challenges and opportunities in relation to second language acquisition, especially in the university setting. As of yet, there are few empirical studies that foreground students’ voices on this topic. Our project intends to address that gap by using a survey and interview-based approach to access students’ beliefs about ChatGPT, with an eye to how those concerns shape students’ relations to language, education, and the university.


Message To Sponsor

This research project has been such an enriching part of my experience at Berkeley, and it's thanks to your generous support that I’m able to continue working with my incredible mentors, building research skills, and exploring questions that I will carry forward throughout my academic career. Thank you so much for making this summer work possible for me!
Major: Anthropology
Mentor: Kimberly Vinall and Emily Hellmich, Berkeley Language Center
Sponsor: DeBenedetti Fund
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