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Zain Adil Shabbir

Patient Support Corps (PSC) Database Development

Over the summer, along with Dr. Belkora, will be working to design and implement a longitudinal program evaluation database on REDCap software that will track the student journey from program entry into the Patient Support Corps to educational and employment outcomes. Additionally, I will work to further develop our patient tracking database to reduce technical debt and maximize efficiency of the system for better user experience. This development of program infrastructure through dual database development would benefit the Patient Support Corps as we will be able to report on our cohort of alumni and demonstrate how participation has influenced educational and employment outcomes as well as make it easier for PSC interns to work with the complex technology used in the PSC. In addition, we can share our database design with other URAP projects who could similarly track their student trajectories.

Message To Sponsor

The state of modern medical care has begun to shift its emphasis toward a more holistic and patient‐centered approach to care. This approach will require a strong background in technology to track patient‐provider interactions and outcomes in a more effective manner. I'd like to thank my donors for enabling me to take part in this wonderful summer opportunity that will help me gather valuable experience to benefit me in my future medical career. Understanding the theory behind program creation coupled with experience developing and updating program databases can be translated to numerous other areas within the medical field to track patient outcomes more accurately. All in all, this programmatic database development project will benefit me by providing a platform to understand the intersection of technology and healthcare.
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Major: Chemical Biology
Mentor: Dr. Jeff Belkora/ UCSF Institute for Health Policy Studies
Sponsor: Chandra Research Fellows - Chandra Fund
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