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Theo Danial

Stereotypes of Gender Atypicality-Stereotype Threat

Although overt discrimination and hostility towards gay men and lesbian women appear to be declining in America, negative attitudes and implicit stereotypes remain widespread. During the past semesters, I have worked with results from online studies and run in-person studies looking for connections between intersecting social identities like gender, race, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status and the impact of these social identities on different stereotypes related to gender (a)typicality. Over the summer, I will continue examining the relationship between implicit and explicit attitudes and hopefully draw conclusions about the effects of intersectional stereotypes on performance.

Message To Sponsor

The URAP program has allowed me to explore fascinating ideas related to intersectional stereotypes of gender atypicality and to gain instrumental research skills. I'm extremely grateful to have this opportunity to continue research into the summer. A huge thank you to the donors for their support of this program!
Major: Chemical Engineering
Mentor: Sa-Kiera Hudson, Haas School of Business
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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