Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Teresa Campbell

Mythology of Racial Progress and Shifting Demographics

This summer, I will be continuing with my Mythology of Racial Progress research. In this project, I investigate the role of subjective and objective time in overestimations of racial economic progress. I’m passionate about exploring how identity and prejudice are implicated in these overestimations and the individualized experience of time. I will also be continuing with my Shifting Demographics research, which is a project on perceptions of threat due to shifting demographics. A goal of mine is to discover how threat can be experimentally manipulated for future research.

Message To Sponsor

I am so appreciative of the generosity that allows me to continue with this research! URAP has provided me with a diverse community of peers and mentors whom I am constantly learning from and supported by. I'm dedicated to using this opportunity and network of support to conduct underrepresented research for prosocial movements and policies. Thank you!
Major: Global Studies
Mentor: Professor Sa-Kiera Hudson/ Haas Intersectionality, Group Hierarchy, and Emotion Research (HIGHER) Laboratory
Sponsor: Chandra Fund
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