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Tanay (Dex) Bhadra

Impact of Binary Orbits on Astrometric Microlensing Signals

When modeling long-duration binary microlensing events, it is important to consider the orbital motion and dynamics of the involved binary system as the orbital period approaches the duration of the microlensing signal. The Bayesian Analysis of Gravitational Lensing Events (BAGLE) is a software used to fit microlensing events. In previous iterations of BAGLE, the orbital motion for binaries was not included.

Now, we make corrections for the different proper motions of the primary and secondary sources/lenses involved in the binary system by developing new parameterization classes. These parameterization classes account for linear and accelerated orbital approximations as well as full circular and elliptical orbits. Using these additions to BAGLE, we explore the impact of binary orbits on astrometric microlensing signals.


Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much for supporting my summer research and giving me this opportunity. I am incredibly grateful to be able to continue my research over this summer.
Major: Physics and Astrophysics
Mentor: Jessica Lu, Astronomy
Sponsor: Anselm MPS Fund
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