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Talia Saarinen

Mu2e Straw Tracker Calibration

The Mu2e experiment, based at Fermilab, is currently under construction with the end goal of detecting muon-to-electron conversion without producing neutrinos. This process has not yet been observed experimentally, but with increased sensitivity in instrumentation and analysis and more muons to create events, the Mu2e detector aims to be the first to document this rare conversion. The goal of this project is to utilize a machine learning model to train an improved algorithm for conversion electron identification and background rejection in the straw tracker portion of the detector. This improvement plays an important role in later analysis and ultimately identifying a conversion event.

Message To Sponsor

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to have been given this opportunity. Continuing my research through URAP this summer allows me to see my project implemented in Fermilab software and leave a tangible impact on this experiment. This program is enabling me to make a contribution to a field that I am passionate about while also gaining research experience that will be valuable entering graduate school and beyond.
Major: Physics and Applied Mathematics
Mentor: Yury Kolomensky. Physics and David Brown, LBNL
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